Mains_cable.jpg Shielded Mains Cable Mains_cable.jpg

This mains cable is very easy to build. The main ingredient is a piece of steel braid shielded cable, with five 1mm² cores. The one used here can be obtained at Farnell in single meters, by order number 385-3536, or on a reel by 130-7715. As an alternative, a Lapp cable with copper screening can be used: the Ölflex 110 CY 5G1,0. This is avaiable at Conrad for example, under number 600-465. A picture of a similar cable can be seen below.

The right-angled IEC connector is type 4785 from Schurter and can be ordered at Farnell by number 112-5811. The mains plug was bought at the local hardware store, it has good screw connections and a cable entry that can be cut to size very easily to fit this diameter of cable.

It's important to connect both opposite conductors with each other: brown and black-1 and blue and black-2. Pay close attention when wiring the other side and connect the same ones to each other again. The idea is to create some kind of star configuration.

In the IEC connector the conductors also have been soldered, after screwing them down tightly. The shield is only to be connected at the side of the mains plug. A good shield-connection can be made with some adhesive copper foil and some soldering. Then a piece of ground wire can be attached. This is fitted under the ground screw of the mains plug, together with the real ground wire. Some black heat-shrink finishes if off very nicely.