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On this page links are given to all the PDF's and other documents that can be found on this website. In the table below, the relevant files are indicated for various types of cd-players. For some models (like the CD63mkII-KI Signature) the service manual of a comparable model can be used.

Service manuals and modifications lists

SACD players

Type Service manual Modifications list Various
Marantz SA-7S1 SA7S1_doc.pdf

Marantz SA-11S2 SA11S2_doc.pdf In the distant future...

Marantz SA-11S1 SA11S1_doc.pdf

Marantz SA-15S1 SA15S1_doc.pdf

Marantz SA8400 SA8400_doc.pdf SA8400_mods.pdf SA8400_vs._SA7001.pdf
Marantz SA8260 SA8260_doc.pdf

Marantz SA7001/KI SA7001KI_doc.pdf SA7001_mods.pdf SA8400_vs._SA7001.pdf
Marantz SA-12S1 SA12S1_doc.pdf

Marantz SA-1 SA-1_doc.pdf

Philips DVD963SA DVD963SA_doc.pdf

Philips DVD763SA DVD763SA_doc.pdf DVD763SA_mods.pdf

CD players

Type Service manual Modifications list Various
Marantz CD7300 CD7300_doc.pdf

Marantz CD6003 CD6003_doc.pdf

Marantz CD6002 CD6002_doc.pdf

Marantz CD6000 CD6000_doc.pdf

Marantz CD6000KI CD6000_doc.pdf
Marantz CD5001/OSE CD5001_doc.pdf

Marantz CD4000 CD4000_doc.pdf

Marantz CD67mkII-OSE (1) CD57_67SE_doc_full.pdf CD67mkII-OSE_mods.pdf
Marantz CD67mkII-OSE (2) CD57_67SE_doc_full.pdf CD57_mods_I.pdf
Marantz CD67mkII CD57_67SE_doc_full.pdf CD67mkII_mods.pdf
Marantz CD57 CD57_67SE_doc_full.pdf CD57_mods_II.pdf
Marantz CD63mkII-KI CD43_53_63_doc.pdf CD63mkII-KI_mods.pdf CD53_63_MKII_SE_KI_doc.pdf
Marantz CD63mkII CD43_53_63_doc.pdf CD63mkII_mods.pdf CD53_63_MKII_SE_KI_doc.pdf
Marantz CD72mkII/SE CD72mkII_doc.pdf CD72mkII_mods.pdf
Marantz CD72SE CD72SE_doc.pdf

Marantz CD52mkII CD32_42_52_doc.pdf CD52mkII_mods.pdf
Marantz CD17mkIII CD17mkIII_doc.pdf

Marantz CD17mkII-KI CD17_mkII_doc.pdf
Marantz CD17/mkII CD17_mkII_doc.pdf

Marantz CD7 CD7_doc.pdf

Marantz CD65II-SE CD65II_doc.pdf CD65II-SE_mods.pdf
Marantz CD60 CD60_doc.pdf

Marantz CD50 CD50_doc.pdf

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